“This is an album you want to have on your next getaway!
A Well-needed message wrapped in beautiful melody…”

Reggae Artist - Christos DC

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TIPPY I GRADE: “I have had the opportunity to mix many songs by Christos DC over the years and his lyrical expression is always inspiring. He and his production team have crafted a very unique sound in the pantheon of modern roots reggae.

PUMA PTAH:There are certain musicians whose music have a recognizable sound as soon as it starts. A comforting familiarity that you know you can depend on every album. I get excited for another smooth and creative horn line just as much as drum and bass.

The occasional harmonica played by Christos himself. In an era of escapism Christos’s lyrics confirms that reggae lovers can still rely on this genre to receive a message of kindness and respect without relying on cliche lines and contradiction for some immediate attention.

Every album Christos DC delivers quality production, writing and consistency.”

Christos DC began his career over two decades ago recording and touring with roots reggae pioneers such as Don Carlos, Sugar Minott The Itals, Sly and Robbie and even DC’s own Thievery Corporation.

This is an album with a very modern yet traditional Roots Reggae Sound.

The influence is clearly apparent in his message and sound. The music and arrangements are quite unique within the modern genre-blending subtle elements of jazz and even crossing cultural boundaries at times. As he puts it, “ I believe good music has no expiration date. I want to create songs that people will still want to hear many years from now.

This is an album with a very modern yet traditional Roots Reggae Sound.

Each song is embellished with striking horn arrangements that convey a message of their own reminding the listener of the serious nature this music represents.
The message is quite philosophical and that is accompanied well with a sound that is melodic and quite unique within the
modern genre.

Unified in sound and steeped in feeling, self evident dwells in that increasingly rare enclave of soulful, restorative and replenishing cultural reggae music. It’s an album that gently ushers you into a deeper more introspective world. And, as its name suggests, it only needs to be heard to make its truths clear.