Please check out my appearance in the February 2021 edition of IRIE celebrating the upcoming launch of ZOOLOOK’s reggae comic maxi-series, Dread & Alive: Nine Night.

On February 28, 2021, ZOOLOOK will pre-release the first of twelve soundtracks from his upcoming comic bookseries. My track, ‘Still Living Dub featuring Tippy I’, was selected as one of the songs for the soundtrack.

Christos DC - Still Living Dub featuring Tiippy I - Dread & Alive: Nine Night Soundtrack, Chapter 1 - Hide Your Soul, part 1The reggae songs selected by ZOOLOOK help support the underlying themes of his comic book series. ZOOLOOK will utilize QR and AR technology to bring an interactive music experience to his Dread & Alive comic series.

I will join reggae artists Anthony B (Jamaica), Zoe Mazah (Germany), Dubalizer (Brazil), The Wise Bloods (UK), G-INA (Switzerland), Dubmatix (Canada), and By The Rivers (UK) on the first soundtrack.

Look for Chapter 1 of DREAD & ALIVE: Nine Night to officially release on April 20, 2021… #420

I invite you to discover Dread & Alive: Nine Night on the official website at

You can also hear my track, Still Living Dub featuring Tippy I on IRIE’s Spotify and Pandora Playlists.

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