Christos DC – Boots & Tie Dub featuring Paolo DubFiles Baldini

Righteous Chant – Don Carlos featuring Christos DC. Video filmed by Vizion Creative.
Release Date: July 14, 2015. Lyrics by Don Carlos & Christos DC. Produced by Christos DC

“Righteous Chant” began with a four-track instrumental that Christos DC played for Don Carlos while touring with him back in 1997. Don was inspired by the riddim right away and agreed to record it. He added lyrics with a powerful message that stays with you from the first listen. It was never officially released, and it had to be transferred to digital format years later. There are elements of guitars and keys from the world of analog tape; however, other parts are new, which creates a great sonic contrast. In the song, Don sings of ‘coming together in Love & Unity.’ This is evident in the way the tune bridges music from the past and present in perfect harmony.